Creek Park Dubai Ticket Price

Creek Park Dubai ticket price starts at AED 5 for children and AED 20 for adults. Creek Park Dubai offers a delightful getaway amidst the hustle and bustle of the cityscape.

Located on the shores of Dubai Creek, this sprawling park offers a plethora of recreational activities and attractions. Whether you want to have a picnic with your family, take a leisurely stroll in the lush greenery, or indulge in thrilling rides and games, Creek Park has something for everyone.

Apart from its picturesque beauty, the park also features an amphitheater, children’s playgrounds, boating facilities, and even a mini golf course. With its affordable ticket prices and diverse range of activities, Creek Park is the perfect place to unwind and create lasting memories.


Creek Park Dubai Ticket Price

Creek Park Dubai is one of the most popular parks in the city, offering a range of recreational activities and attractions for both locals and tourists. Spanning across acres of beautiful green space, it provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park features lush gardens, expansive play areas, picnic spots, and various sports facilities.

One of the key factors for visitors to consider is the ticket prices for Creek Park Dubai. Knowing the importance of ticket prices can help you plan your visit and make informed decisions. The price of tickets can vary depending on factors such as age, residency, and the specific areas or attractions you wish to access within the park.

Ticket Type Price (AED)
Adult (13 years and above) 30
Child (below 13 years) 15
Senior Citizens (60 years and above) Free

It’s essential to check the latest ticket prices before visiting Creek Park Dubai to ensure you have the correct budget and avoid any surprises. By planning ahead and understanding the costs involved, you can fully enjoy the park’s attractions and activities without any inconvenience.

Creek Park Dubai Ticket Price


Creek Park Dubai Ticket Options

Discover a range of ticket options for Creek Park Dubai, including affordable prices that suit every budget. Experience the beauty of Creek Park without breaking the bank.

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Ticket Options Price
Adults AED 5
Children AED 3
Senior Citizens AED 2
At Creek Park in Dubai, you have various options when it comes to purchasing tickets. The park offers different types of tickets to cater to the needs of visitors. For adults, the ticket price is AED 5, for children it is AED 3, and for senior citizens, it is AED 2. These affordable prices make Creek Park an ideal location for everyone to enjoy. If you are planning a group visit, Creek Park also offers group discounts and special packages. These discounts provide a great opportunity for friends, families, or colleagues to spend quality time together while saving money. Whether you are looking for a fun day out or a relaxing time amidst nature, Creek Park offers a range of ticket options to suit every age group and budget. So, gather your loved ones and make the most of your visit to Creek Park in Dubai!

Factors Affecting Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Creek Park in Dubai are influenced by various factors. One such factor is the peak and off-peak seasons. During peak seasons, when there is higher demand, ticket prices are usually higher. On the other hand, during off-peak seasons, when there is less demand, ticket prices may be lower. Another factor that affects ticket prices is the choice of weekdays versus weekends. It is common for attractions to charge higher prices on weekends when there is typically a higher number of visitors. On weekdays, when there is usually less crowd, ticket prices may be lower. Furthermore, special events and holidays can also impact ticket prices. During popular events or holidays, such as New Year’s Eve or UAE National Day, attractions may adjust their ticket prices accordingly to cater to the increased demand. Considering these factors, it’s advisable to plan your visit to Creek Park in Dubai keeping in mind the peak and off-peak seasons, as well as the choice of weekdays versus weekends. Additionally, being aware of any special events or holidays can help you make an informed decision about ticket prices.

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Ways To Save On Creek Park Dubai Tickets

Ways to Save on Creek Park Dubai Tickets

1. Early bird discounts: Planning ahead can help you secure discounted tickets to Creek Park. Many online ticket providers offer early bird discounts to those who book their tickets in advance.

2. Online booking advantages: Opting for online ticket booking not only provides convenience but also opens up opportunities to save money. Look for exclusive online deals and promotions that can help you save on Creek Park Dubai tickets.

3. Combo tickets and offers: Additional Information:
Combo tickets: If you plan to visit multiple attractions, consider purchasing combo tickets that offer discounted entry to Creek Park Dubai along with other popular attractions in the city.
Offers: Keep an eye out for special offers and packages that provide not only discounted Creek Park Dubai tickets, but also additional perks such as free transportation or food vouchers.

By taking advantage of early bird discounts, booking online, and exploring combo tickets and offers, you can ensure a budget-friendly visit to Creek Park Dubai.

Additional Services And Costs

When visiting Creek Park in Dubai, it is important to consider additional services and costs that may enhance your experience. Within the park, there are optional attractions available for visitors to enjoy. These attractions may have an additional fee associated with them, so it is worthwhile to check the prices before participating. Food and beverage prices at Creek Park vary, depending on the items you choose. Keep in mind that purchasing food within the park may add to your overall expenses. Moreover, if you require a locker or stroller during your visit, rentals are available for a fee. Both lockers and strollers can offer convenience and ease of mind throughout your day at Creek Park.

Tips For A Budget-friendly Visit

Tips for a Budget-friendly Visit
Planning ahead
Picnic options
Bringing own snacks and drinks

In order to have a budget-friendly visit to Creek Park Dubai, it is important to plan ahead and make use of some helpful tips. One tip is to plan your visit in advance so that you can take advantage of any discounts or promotions available. Additionally, consider packing a picnic to enjoy during your visit. The park offers many scenic spots where you can relax and have a meal. Bringing your own snacks and drinks can also help save money as purchasing food at the park can be expensive. By being mindful of your budget and making smart choices, you can have an enjoyable visit to Creek Park Dubai without spending a fortune.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Creek Park Dubai Ticket Price

What Is The Ticket Price For Creek Park Dubai?

The ticket price for Creek Park Dubai varies depending on the age and day of the week. For adults, the ticket price is AED 5 on weekdays and AED 10 on weekends. For children, the ticket price is AED 2 on weekdays and AED 5 on weekends.

Is There An Entry Fee For Children At Creek Park Dubai?

Yes, there is an entry fee for children at Creek Park Dubai. The ticket price for children is AED 2 on weekdays and AED 5 on weekends.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Creek Park Dubai Tickets?

Yes, there are discounts available for Creek Park Dubai tickets. Senior citizens and people with disabilities can avail of a discounted ticket price of AED 2 on weekdays and AED 5 on weekends.

Is Parking Available At Creek Park Dubai?

Yes, parking is available at Creek Park Dubai. Visitors can park their vehicles in the designated parking lots within the park premises.


To sum up, Creek Park Dubai offers an exciting experience for visitors of all ages with its various attractions and serene natural surroundings. The reasonable ticket prices make it accessible and affordable for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic, experience thrilling rides, or simply take a leisurely stroll, Creek Park has something for everyone.

So plan your visit now and create unforgettable memories in this urban oasis.

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